Choice of cottage

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Holiday – a new and rapidly growing in popularity type of real estate. More and more people want to buy a cottage. That is why we have to sell cottages kottedzhi. Ranshe were very expensive and could only afford the rich. Now that the cottages were built at almost every turn, they are cheaper and more accessible to ordinary lyudey. Chem on the distance from the cottage to a large population center, the cheaper it is. If you can not afford to pay a large sum at the cottage, take a cottage a little farther from goroda. Esli you do not want to spend time and money to buy land, purchase of materials, hiring builders, buy a ready kottedzh. Kottedzhi are mostly made of wood, brick and aerated concrete (also from the cinder block, cinder block, and keramsit opilkobetona). Cottages of wood are good its ease and warmth. Since the tree is an easy material to the cottage does not require expensive foundation and so the price will be lower than the others. The tree is bad conductor of heat, so heat their homes will not go outside, and vice versa, will not be cold outside to penetrate. In wooden houses have a good property – it passes through the air, so you have at home will be less carbon dioxide than in the home, such as a kamney.U brick cottages also have a number of advantages: high durability and protection from fire. Bricks in contrast to the tree are worse weather conditions, decay, and therefore be able to stand much longer than wooden houses. If suddenly there was a fire, it does not burn up completely as the home of the dereva. Pereydem to structures of the foam. Foam concrete is also a good fighting fires, it is environmentally friendly, it has good thermal insulation and soundproofing. Cottages of strong and durable foam, as foam is resistant to the variable decrease and then increase the temperature. The main feature of foam – is that over time it becomes harder and we prochnee. Vot you all, and told, good luck with the choice of cabin!

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